Infections in traumatology and orthopedics

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Moderators: V.Yu. Murylev, A.V. Tsiskarashvili; A.M. Ermakov 


Treatment of patients with periprosthetic and paraimplant infections, osteomyelitis of large joints using the Tecres preformed spacer

P.Sh. Leval,

I.A. Dmitrov


Pacer types and their clinical application in orthopedics

V.Yu. Murilev 

G.A. Kukovenko


Treatment of the post-osteosynthesis infection

A.V. Tsiskarishvili


New technologies in treatment of infectious complications after Knee Joint Arthroplasty

D.V. Rimashevsky

N.V. Zagorodny 


Aspects of treatment of fistular and non-fistular infectious complications.

N.N. Kornilov