Academy of arthroscopy and shoulder joint arthroplasty

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Moderators: A.V. Korolev, A.K. Orletsky

Biomechanical aspects of the capsule-ligament apparatus of the knee joint

D.O. Kolmakov

Meniscus regeneration.

Tear locations: how to repair and what to use? 

Review of the latest developments for meniscus reconstruction

R.O. Simagaev


Avulsion: etiology, diagnostics, surgical treatment

L.O. Kneller, D.A. Romanov

Meniscus root: degenerative (posteromedial) and traumatic (posterolateral) injuries. 

Development mechanism, diagnostics, postoperative protocol

E.K. Raimagambetov 


Arthroscopic primary anterior cruciate ligament repair with InternalBrace

Mackay Gordon

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with InternalBrace augmentation

Mackay Gordon

Our experience with InternalBrace anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Clinical cases

L.O Kneller,

D.A. Romanov 

Selection of autograft and method of its preparation in one-stage reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments

A.V. Korolev 

One-stage reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments

D.O. Kolmakov

Repairing techniques of an isolated posterior cruciate ligament tear

K.I. Zakharov

Peculiarities of surgical treatment in patients with injuries of the posterolateral tendon-ligament complex of the knee joint

A.S. Grankin  V.V. Khominets 

I.S. Bazarov

R.A. Fedorov

Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with FiberTape augmentation

Mackay Gordon

Postero-lateral corner repair

Mackay Gordon

ALL reconstruction with InternalBrace

Mackay Gordon