Business program

25 июня

Conference Hall №1

13:30 — 15:00

PLENARY MEETING "Russian Traumatology and Orthopedics 2025: A New Look at the Industry"

The Russian school of traumatology, expanding its cultural and scientific influence in the world, is now able to assume the leading role in the creation of a global Russian-speaking platform to unite professionals, build an international market, and set a rhythm for the development of traumatology and orthopedics. The 100th anniversary of the N.N. Priorov National Medical Trauma and Orthopedics Center (CITO) and the 100th anniversary of the doctor G.A. Ilizarov, the launch of high-tech production of medical devices on the basis of the CITO demonstrates that the medical community and the industry are ready for a new stage of development.
In addition to the political significance of the Russian school of traumatology on a global scale, the industry solves strategically important tasks strengthening the economic power and defensive capacity of the country. Systemic support provided to the the industry and branch can become a significant pillar for the country's economy. The industry can potentially employ millions of citizens with mobility impairments, thereby making a significant contribution to the GDP and a healthy nation. At the same time, the government's focus on the industry will accelerate the development of high-tech production and the creation of jobs.
During the plenary meeting, the heads of relevant departments, leaders of medical community and medical industry will discuss the new stage of the industry development, formats for effective interaction, as well as the need to adopt a federal project to support the musculoskeletal system under the Healthcare national project.
Российская школа травматологии, расширяя свое культурное и научное влияние в мире, сегодня способна взять на себя роль лидера в формировании глобального русскоязычного пространства для объединения профессионалов, построения международного рынка и создания ритма развития травматологии и ортопедии. 100-летие национального медицинского исследовательского центра травматологии и ортопедии имени Н.Н. Приорова, 100-летие со Дня рождения Г.А. Илизарова, открытие высокотехнологичного производства медицинских изделий на базе ФГУП «ЦИТО» демонстрируют зрелость медицинского сообщества и индустрии к новому этапу развития отрасли.
Муштакова Юлия Михайловна
Moderators: Муштакова Юлия Михайловна

Topics of talks:

  1. Traumatology and orthopedics: the key to improving the quality of life and well-being of the country's citizens
  2. On the formation of a new level of medical industry as a factor of strengthening national security of the state
  3. Eurasian experience and clinical effectiveness — the “soft power” of the global orthopedic space



17:00 — 18:30

BUSINESS GAME “Professional Standard for Orthopedic Traumatologists: obstacles to use”

The key objective of the National Health Project is to reduce mortality. To solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to form an effective system of human resources management. One solution to the problem of lack of experts in the field of traumatology and orthopedics could be to revise and update the professional standard. As part of the business game, Russia's leading traumatologists and orthopedists, practitioners and representatives of the student community will develop suggestions on how to adapt the current professional standard for orthopedic traumatologists to the current demands and needs of the industry.
Ключевой задачей Национального проекта «Здравоохранение» является снижение смертности населения. Для решения данной задачи в первую очередь необходимо сформировать эффективную систему кадрового обеспечения. Одним из решений проблемы дефицита кадров в области травматологии и ортопедии может стать пересмотр и актуализация профессионального стандарта. В рамках деловой игры ведущие травматологи и ортопеды страны, практикующие специалисты и представители студенческого сообщества разработают предложения для адаптации текущего профессионального стандарта врача травматолога-ортопеда с учетом современных запросов и нужд отрасли.
 Gubin Alexander Vadimovich Khan Ninel Viktorovna  Anatoly A. Korobeinikov Ryabykh Sergey Olegovich  Mlyavykh Sergey Gennadievich
Moderators: Gubin Alexander Vadimovich, Khan Ninel Viktorovna, Anatoly A. Korobeinikov, Ryabykh Sergey Olegovich, Mlyavykh Sergey Gennadievich, Горбатов Роман Олегович

Topics of talks:

  1. The current professional standard for orthopedic traumatologists: barriers for the industry

  2. Comparison of educational and professional standards

  3. Regional aspects of professional standards implementation

  4. Global standardization practices in the trauma and orthopedic care industry